Rinnai combi boiler 24 kw / 29kw /35kw

The Rinnai range of ZEN combi boilers are designed to give excessive hot water flow rates to ensure that your hot water never runs out. Another reason these combination boilers differ from competitors is that all of what you need is contained within the box. Therefore there is no need for additional controls or add ons. We include the WIFI IOT Enabled Controls as standard.

The Rinnai Zen combination boilers are pre-set for LPG and NG and are packed full of smart features and benefits;

This system will increase comfort and reduce energy usage whilst also providing a highly economically solution for today’s changing market place.

Features of the ZEN boiler range include;
  • IOT controller as standard
  • Fast heating mode
  • Domestic hot water pre-heat function - saving wasted water,
  • Energy monitor function allows user to have full transparency of energy usage
  • Flue runs up to 30 meters
  • Rinnai boiler App for android and IOS.
Controller 2.jpgRinnai Me Controller – Comfort control - Smart Wifi controller and App benefits;

The Rinnai app seamlessly connects to the controller in the property; the user can control the boiler remotely adjusting temperature, setting weekly and daily programmes, receiving alarm functions, monitor energy usage and set limits. 

The Wifi and boiler controller also uses GPS from the user’s mobile to bring on the heat when you are getting close to home to ensure the house is warm when you arrive.



  REB-KB12424FF REB-KB12929FF REB-KB13535FF  
CH heat input (Max/Min), (G31), (Hi) 24.5/5.9 29.6/5.9 34.88/8.1 kW
CH heat output (Max/Min), 80°C/60°C, (G20) 23.2/5.3 28.0/5.3 33.7/7.3 kW
CH heat output (Max/Min), 80°C/60°C, (G31) 23.2/5.3 28.0/5.3 33.0/7.3 kW
CH heat output (Max/Min), 50°C/30°C, (G20) 24.8/5.8 30.0/5.8 36.1/8.0 kW
CH heat output (Max/Min), 50°C/30°C, (G31) 24.8/5.8 30.0/5.8 35.3/8.0 kW
Part load (30%) efficiency, with 30°C return, (G20), (Hi) 109.6 109.4 109.2 %
Part load (30%) efficiency, with 30°C return, (G31), (Hi) 107.2 107.0 106.8 %
Sound power level (LWA) 43 44 40 dB
NOx class 6  
CH temperature range (Flow temp. control /
room temp. control)
Min operating pressure DHW 0.7 1.1 1.2 Bar
Min operating flowrate DHW 2.0 2   L/MIN
DHW temperature range 35-60   °C
DHW max flowrate (ΔT=25°C) 13.5 16.3 19.6 L/MIN
DHW max flowrate (ΔT=30°C) 11.2 13.6 16.3 L/MIN
DHW max flowrate (ΔT=35°C) 9.6 11.6 14 L/MIN
IP protection class IPX5D
Dimensions (H x W x D) 660x440x285 660x440x335   mm
Weight (boiler only) 33 37   KG
Power input (CH / DHW) 83/85 100/105 95/98 W


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