For larger properties Rinnai brings to market the ZEN plus domestic comfort system. The Zen and Zen Plus home hot water & heating system combines established and proven durability with new technologies to offer great energy efficiencies, user control and, importantly, unparalleled levels of comfort.

The Rinnai Zen and Zen Plus system will increase comfort and reduce energy usage whilst also providing a highly economically solution for today’s changing marketplace. The use of Rinnai water heaters as the main source of hot water supply adds a significant element of comfort as the water heaters can supply temperature accurate hot water without fluctuation in temperature meaning that if you want to shower at 37 degrees that’s what you will get.

As well as comfort this also creates unparalleled levels of safety, using such an advanced system will eliminate the risk of scalding as the temperature accurate capabilities of the system will eliminate inaccurate hot water supply – enabling peace of mind especially when infant or elderly residents are present.

HSE state that “If hot water used for showering or bathing is above  44 °C there is increased risk of serious injury or fatalities. Where large areas of the body are exposed to high temperatures, scalds can be very serious and have led to fatalities”

In the home water is often stored at 60 degrees Celsius therefore the temperature at the tap is normally around 55 degrees Celsius. If you were to run a bath at that temperature, without adding any cold, it would take seconds to get deep tissue burns.

Lots of homes have manual valves at the sinks, washbasins and baths, which are helpful in controlling temperatures, but it must be remembered that temperatures can still fluctuate, especially if there is a drop in pressure – the ZEN heating and hot water concept comprehensively eliminates this risk.

Some of the features of Zen & Zen Plus are:  IOT controller as standard; Fast heating mode; DHW pre-heat function – saving wasted water; Energy monitor function allows user to monitor energy usage; flue runs up to 30 meters, Rinnai boiler App for android and IOS; constant temperature-accurate hot water delivery at continuous flow rates.

There is also smart Wifi controller and App benefits; The Rinnai app seamlessly connects to the controller in the property; the user can control the boiler remotely adjusting temperature, setting weekly and daily programmes, receiving alarm functions, monitor energy usage and set limits. The Wifi and boiler controller also uses GPS from the user’s mobile to bring on the heat when you are getting close to home to ensure the house is warm when you arrive.

According to the NHS hospital episode statistics for England for 2017-2018 there were;

  • 755 finished consultant episodes for scalding for taps
  • 962 finished consultant episodes for burns caused by contact with heating appliances, radiators and pipes

People are most at risk in their own homes especially as children, the elderly and the disabled are the most vulnerable to injury. Scalding from inaccurate water temperatures is cited as a particularly widespread issue, with the Royal society for the prevention of accidents (ROSPA) estimating overall UK scalding figures at some 2500 cases per year.

As Rinnai ZEN plus incorporates a designated water heater for hot water production capable of delivering hot water accurate to 1 degree of the set point selected by the user. The risk of scalding will be eliminated whilst ensuring water is delivered at the temperature you want.

Rinnai Zen & Zen Plus is available for use with both natural gas and LPG.


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