Rinnai Me Controller – I.O.T Boiler controller and APP

Rinnai Me Controller – Comfort control - Smart WIFI controller and App benefits;

The Rinnai app seamlessly connects to the controller in the property; the user can control the boiler remotely adjusting temperature, setting weekly and daily programmes, receiving alarm functions, monitor energy usage and set limits. 

The WIFI and boiler controller also uses GPS from the user’s mobile to bring on the heat when you are getting close to home to ensure the house is warm when you arrive.

Rinnai water heater - SMART Comfort controllers

Rinnai Controllers enable unparalleled levels of comfort and control, the controller can be used to have greater control over the water temperature or it can be used for diagnostics when investigating faults. The controller has pre-set temperature points enabling user comfort and control. For instance if you wish to shower at 37 degrees Celsius you can achieve this by simply setting the temperature and that temperature will be delivered accurate to 1 degree of the set point.

Other features include bath fill function this ensures that your bath is filled to the pre-set temperature ready for you to bathe, the controller monitors the flow of water through the unit and then shuts the water flow valve meaning that you don’t even have to be in the same room when the bath is running.

Once complete the controller speaks to you to let you know the system has finished, creating a stress free environment and giving you peace of mind that the hot water will be temperature accurate and safe for you and all the family.   

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