Global leader in gas appliance manufacturing.

Striving for reliable and consistent quality

In order to supply innovative heating appliances that make our lives more comfortable, Rinnai must develop and provide appropriate products while paying close attention to modern demands and problems. This requires advanced developmental and technological capabilities and a quality assurance system that reflects these features in each and every product. Rinnai strives to deliver quality to meet future requirements, and is committed to making increasingly sophisticated appliances.

Convenient, safe and ecologically sound - committed to technological innovations

Rinnai's quest to develop even safer and more convenient products includes constant study of the fundamentals of obtaining heat from gas.
We strive to improve combustion technologies whilst applying the most modern communication and associated management methods, as well as production techniques, across our operations. We also continue to explore higher efficiencies through cleaner combustion, exemplified in our condensing-type hot water units and pre-mix burner technologies.
Rinnai UK are recognised as a key player and supplier of continuous flow gas fired water heaters for commercial usage  as well as innovative multipoint water heaters for domestic and light commercial applications.

Links to our Global sites

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