Revolutionize and go with the continuous flow with Rinnai high-efficiency Low NOx multipoint water heaters.

Rinnai produces over 12 million gas appliances every year which are distributed to all parts of the world and are all ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified. Rinnai is into our 100th year of manufacturing and we have used those 100 years to truly master the ability to create comfort from the heat.

Rinnai water heaters will deliver temperature accurate hot water, accurate to 1 degree Celsius of the set point chosen by you. You can stream your TV and you can play your favourite music whenever you like, yet in many cases, you cannot run your bath to your ideal temperature.

You can now with Rinnai ZEN plus, a solution that eliminates discomfort and provides endless hot water.

Continuous flow water heaters are an advanced variant of traditional multipoint water heaters; they are far more efficient than storage systems and are the preferred method of heating water. Restaurants and domestic properties are a prime example of this as they require high volumes of water at intermittent times of day delivered at accurate temperatures to ensure user comfort and safety. With the Rinnai continuous flow hot water system, you will never run out of hot water.

Another innovation from Rinnai is the flexibility of installation the 17i water heater is designed for internal installation whereas the 17e is a fully weather protected outdoor model. This can be installed in the elements, freeing up valuable internal space. The appliance is fully frost-protected and can even warm itself should the temperature outside decrease.

Key Features

  • Ultra low-NOx surpassing ECO-DESIGN requirements
  • Internal Wall mounted
  • Room sealed
  • Temperature range 35-60 degrees centigrade
  • Ignition direct electronic
  • 17l delivery capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Light weight - 14kg
  • Push fit flue system
  • Simple wiring
  • H (541) W(373) D(173)
  • Inbuilt frost protection
    • Eternally wall mounted variants
    • A rated – eco design
Download ERP Label


ERP Rating A+ for the 11i, A for the 17i and 17e

  11i 17i 17e
Gas consumption and capacities min operation (Hi = net calorific value - Hs = gross calorific value)
G20 Nat Gas: Input Qm: Hi/Hs | Output Pm (kW) 4.10/4.53 | 3.56 4.10/4.53 | 3.56 4.10/4.53 | 3.56
G20 Nat Gas flow ref. conditions Vr (m3/h) 0.43 0.43 0.43
G31 Input Qm: Hi/Hs | Output Pm (kW) 4.10/4.53 | 3.56 4.10/4.53 | 3.56 4.10/4.53 | 3.56
G31 flow normal operating conditions Mn (kg/h) 0.33 0.33 0.33
Gas consumption and capacities nominal operation (Hi = net calorific value - Hs = gross calorific value)
G20 Nat Gas: Input Qm: Hi/Hs | Output Pm (kW) 21.3/23.7 | 18.9 32.4/36.0 | 28.4 32.4/36.0 | 28.4
G20 Nat Gas flow ref. conditiolns Vr (m3/h) 2.25 3.43 3.43
G31 Input Qm: Hi/Hs | Output Pm (kW) 21.8/23.7 | 18.9 33.1/36.0 | 28.4 33.1/36.0 | 28.4
G31 flow normal operating conditions Mn (kg/h) 1.69 2.58 2.58
Gas category II2H3P, II2H3B/P, II2HM3B/P
Noise level (dB) 56
Water pressure (@nom/max flow rate - max) - (Pw) 1.00/1.4 - 8.3 Bar
Min operating flowrate 2l/min
Temperature range 37-46, 48, 50, 55, 60, 65
Max flowrate (∆T=25°C) 10.8 16.3l/min
Max flowrate (∆T=30°C) 9 13.6l/min
Max flowrate (∆T=35°C) 7.7 11.6l/min
Max flowrate (∆T=40°C) 6.8 10.2l/min
Max flowrate (∆T=45°C) 5.4 9l/min



Sudden changes in water temperature, causing cold showers or scalding hot baths are a thing of the past with Rinnai's 17i Multipoint water heater.

Unlike many competitors, the water temperature you set is the water temperature you get. So, if you are showering at, say 37°C, and someone turns on a tap elsewhere in the house, the temperature will not vary.

"IPx4 rated, can be mounted in zone 2 within bathrooms"

Rinnai 17i Multipoint water heater is the perfect solution to hot water requirements for domestic properties/dwellings and light commercial use. It is designed to allow maximum flexibility when choosing where to install it, as it does not require mounting on an external wall. The Rinnai 17i Multipoint water heater is designed for use directly off the mains and therefore there is no need for large, ungainly storage vessels.

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